Tucked away among the centuries-old buildings, The Old Piggery is an open plan space with ‘his and hers hide-away’ written all over it with a king size bed suspended from the ceiling and accessed by a ladder. That’s not to say there isn’t room for a couple of little ones – the two hand-built sofas fold out into compact singles – but we won’t blame anyone for keeping this place a secret from the kids.

A self-contained gem, the barn features a fully equipped country kitchen, dining space for four and a bathroom with shower. But it’s what’s going on outside that will really get guests buzzing as we have just installed side-by-side claw-foot bathtubs that sit on a private deck and overlook the apple orchard. This is alfresco bathing at its finest, with twin tubs waiting to help even the tightest-wound city cat unwind.

By day the barn is ideally positioned to watch the workings of the farm unfold. Come in spring and you’ll likely get stuck in a lamb traffic jam coming down the drive, in high summer bleating sheep and chattering geese provide the soundtrack. Then sit back, fire up the barbecue and watch a show of stars from one of the coolest night spots in Devon.

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